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Yoga Flow

Vinyasa classes are taught in a non-competitive environment, with teachers offering variations for all levels of students, allowing students to work at their own pace. Multi-level and open to all students. Some basic knowledge of yoga poses and alignment strongly recommended. Introduction to inversions, more challenging back bends and arm balances. Every NJ Yoga Zone class is structured to include a physical yoga workout, an emphasis on complete breathing and a relaxing cool down. The specifics of each class are tailored to address the individual needs and experience of the students.

Hot Yoga (Bikram Style)

One hour, 26 poses, most poses done twice. A wonderful way to detox and sweat out the weekend. All levels welcome. Hot Yoga is a slow paced, deep practice designed for all body types. Great for athletes and anyone looking to take the time to go deeper. Please come hydrated and ready to sweat!

Reformer Pilates Technique

Pilates Technique is taught in the classical style of Joseph Pilates and emphasizes alignment and form. This class will strengthen, lengthen, and tone your body from head to toe. With a focus on body awareness, it is perfect and recommended for beginners and for students who want to deepen their practice or need to rehabilitate injuries. Pilates Technique will enhance your practice no matter where you are in your journey! 

Reformer Pilates

Instead of just working on the “vanity muscles” – the muscles you see in the mirror – Pilates strengthens the “postural muscles” – the internal, stabilizing muscles of your body – so that your posture, balance and core strength all improve WHILE you sculpt the body of your dreams!  All Pilates classes use the Reformer Machine.  Pre-registration required.  

Reformer Pilates Express

Get all the benefits of your Reformer Pilates class in 45 minutes of muscle burning fun! The exercises will flow from one position to the next with fewer breaks than the standard Reformer Pilates class and will leave you feeling strengthened, lengthened, and toned. Pre-registration required and NOT recommended for beginners.

Reformer Pilates PowerHour

THIS CLASS IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS OR THOSE WITH WRIST OR SHOULDER INJURIES. PowerHour is an athletic reformer class that takes all the most powerful Pilates exercises and packs them together in an ultimate power flow. There are fewer breaks, more reps, more resistance, longer holds, a lot of sweat, and maybe tears! This approach requires coordination and full-body focus, and the desire to hang out in planks for extended periods of time. Come forge a body that is stronger, leaner, and more toned! Pre-registration required. 

Jumpboard Pilates

An unbelievable cardio experience using jumpboards on the reformer. Improve endurance as you tone!  The Pilates Jumpboard class is an hour long and creatively integrates Reformer exercises with the jumpboard attachment.  The class is intelligently organized to optimize flow and fluid transitions with interval jumping to elevate the heart rate for weight loss and muscle building.  Pre-registration required.

Mat Pilates

Just show up a few minutes before class and prepare to be wowed.  The story goes something like this..."in a world where the core is king, one class stands alone...the MAT."  This epic class is what you need for a full body transformation.  You get stronger, slimmer and svelte. Think Scarlett Johansson in Avengers. You get the idea.  Your body will have a happy storybook ending!


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