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 How do I book a class?

All group classes can be scheduled through our MindBody App. It is an easy to use, online scheduling program that allows you to book a class from home or your mobile device. 

Private classes can be scheduled by calling the studio to arrange an appointment with one of our instructors. (609) 238-9460.

 Where are your class packages and prices located?

Our class pricing and packages are located in the MindBody App. 

• How do I get the MindBody App?

I have never done yoga or pilates before, where do I start?

You are about to embark on a journey that will change your life. Curiosity and a desire to feel better brought us all to our mats. The amazing transformation that a regular yoga and/or pilates practice offers has kept us here. But it all starts with the first class. You have taken the first step, now all you have to do is show up! Come with an open mind, expect to have fun, and know that we at NJ Yoga Zone value your personal growth more than anything else.

We offer several beginner classes, please check our schedule for timings. All of our classes (except those marked “Advanced”) are for all levels of experience and flexibility. We encourage you to go at your own pace as you become accustomed to the postures, breathing and heat.

• What do I wear?

Clothing that you are comfortable sweating in. Women typically wear yoga pants or shorts with a workout top. Men wear running shorts or light pants and a fitted shirt  that won’t get in the way of practice.

• What if I am not flexible?

We encourage you to worry less about touching your toes and more about developing a flexible mind. You don’t need to be physically flexible. Practicing yoga will help you to develop both. All you need is to come as you are, and let the process unfold. 99% of yoga is simply showing up to your mat. It’s that simple.

• Is yoga compatible with other forms of exercise?

*i.e. indoor cycling, lifting weights, marathon running, etc.


Yes. Practicing yoga consistently improves your flexibility and strength, which will increase your ability for a higher endurance workout. The fundamentals of your practice will carry over into your exercise routine for proper breathing and a higher self awareness.

• How often should I practice?

There are no set rules for how often to practice. Yoga is an excellent path to physical fitness for busy people because you can realize many benefits from practicing 2 or 3 times a week. If you are looking to make a real impact on your body in terms of your conditioning, strength, muscle tone, or weight, you should consider coming 4 or 5 times a week.  As a new student you should try to give yourself as much opportunity to practice as possible. Unlike sports and other types of exercise, yoga is difficult to overdo. Feel free to call or email us to discuss how your yoga practice at NJ Yoga Zone can help you achieve your fitness goals, or talk to your instructor about it before or after class.

• Will I lose weight?

Many students with a regular yoga practice find excess pounds drop away without drastic changes in diet. A typical 60 minute session of our yoga classes will burn anywhere from 350-600 calories depending on a number of factors including your weight, gender and how strenuous your practice is. Yoga can also be a natural catalyst for changing bad habits. When you feel better about your body, no matter what your weight, you will begin to make better food choices. Many students discover they have fewer cravings for sugar, salt and caffeine.

• Can I eat before class?

It’s best to practice on a mostly empty stomach. Avoid eating a heavy meal 2 hours prior to class. Foods appropriate for pre-class snacking include fruit, yogurt, or light energy bars.

• How much water should I drink?

Always come to class well-hydrated. Follow the guidelines below to prepare for class:

  • Consume 8–10 glasses of water (8 oz. per glass) daily for normal activity, not including exercise.

  • At least 2 hours prior to exercise, drink 16 oz. of water or fluid without caffeine.

  • During exercise, drink frequently, preventing thirst. Your goal is to replenish fluids at the same rate you are sweating.

What is Pilates?

Developed in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates, Pilates (pronounced "Puh-lah-tees") is a unique workout that focuses on core stability and places emphasis on breathing and quality of form. Pilates on the Stott Reformer is so unique that it cannot be simulated by any other piece of equipment. You will completely change the shape of your body because you will be working every piece of each muscle group while maintaining core control. Pilates Reformer will give you the “lean cut look”. This workout will be different than anything you have ever tried before. The perfect compliment to cardiovascular exercise, weight training or rehabilitation, Pilates will leave you looking toned, feeling revitalized and moving with ease.

 What are group Pilates reformer classes like?

 Get an awesome workout and share the fun of Pilates on the Stott Reformer with a small group of other individuals. Small group sessions consist of up to five people and provide a challenging workout that is constantly changing and evolving along with the group. Private or semi-private sessions are suggested before entering small-group sessions.

 Do I need to wear socks in a Pilates class?

Yes! For hygiene reasons, we ask our members to wear "sticky" socks to class. Members can bring their own or purchase Pilates socks at the studio. 

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